My sister, Mylinda, posted this on her Facebook page last October. She’s the owner of Altamonte Springs Yoga in Florida. On my mom’s birthday, she usually does a special yoga class to honor moms and other women with breast cancer.

I missed this post but it showed up today in my newsfeed. I guess mom wants me share this with you. I should let you know, she does stuff like this a lotPerhaps in order to understand #TheLastYear I need to reflect on moments like this that filled previous years … 


Yes this is how we #Latina women roll!
Carrying and calming a crying baby on one side and sewing on the other side and at the same time still looking good and embodying the heart and soul of la familia.

We can also reach down, slide our shoe off, and throw the “chankla” at anyone who steps out of line!

This is a picture of my mom holding my niece Ali while sewing Ali’s baptism dress. I miss you soooo much mom!
Happy Heaven Birthday to you October 13, 2013.

Come celebrate the life of an amazing woman, my mom, Delia Rodriguez Morales, tomorrow at Altamonte Springs Yoga – Sunday, 4p Detox Hot Flow!

Don’t make me get my chankla out! I didn’t have enough room on this pic to list many of the other things #latinawomen do like: create a home for us, nurse us and take care of us, share their knowledge and wisdom, cook like no one else in this world, show us how to love deeply, have a career, become educated … I can go on and on! Love my latina sisters, mothers and daughters!